Band Practice

by vexmachina

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released March 6, 2014



all rights reserved


vexmachina Sydney, Australia





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Track Name: Creator
I know you’re right
But you don’t even know why
You don’t fight back
Not because you know your strength
But because you think she’s weak

You don’t think she can take it
She is the creator

I have a million fists / I have a million fists
I’ll make a million fucking FISTS
I have a million fists / I have a million fists
I’ll make a million fucking FISTS

My sex is not my wheelchair
And you are not my teacher
you are not my keeper
I know women have one hand bound
But the other’s broken free
For every girl bound up, gagged
I am bound up too
But i am her hand unshackling
And i have one million fists
Track Name: Big bang
They tell me
That it’s all around us
They claim it’s ever-expanding
Beginning right here between you and me

Apathy contracts me

And sometimes i fear
The only wonder i feel
Is capturing how little
I really give a shit
Only the universe
Collapsing inside me

Contracts us all
Track Name: Floreciente // Flourishing
A veces me encuentro atrapada
Como una rama nudosa en una reja
Obligada a cortar pedasos de mi misma
Para mantenerme floreciente

Para mantenerme / floreciente
No es suficiente querer sufrir menos
Es esfuerza y esfuerza y esfuerza
Pero pone
La oscuridad
En constelaciones


I sometimes find myself trapped
Like a branch gnarled in a fence
Forced to sever pieces of myself
To keep flourishing

To keep flourishing
It’s not enough to want to suffer less
It’s work and it’s work and it’s work
But it puts
The darkness
In constellations
Track Name: Powerlines
Looking up i see
A cluster of trees
In the summer they’ll scream
With cicadas

Until all the trees are split apart
Torsos cleft in half for powerlines
Because powerlines are everything

Their industry won’t change
Reminds me of the way
Cicadas make themselves deaf
For the world to hear

Village after village / To assimilate and pillage
A shopping mall / Another dam
Desiccates creeks, desecrates the meek
Because powerlines are everything
Track Name: Aunty
Aunty is / in my hair
And i don’t want to cut her
She dangles perpetually upon this forehead
So i dawdle around with a eucalypt fringe
And when i scratch / Scalp falls
Like the fingers of time through our bodies

Does she burn on approach
Or dry up like the embers?
I lose her each hour until - in the end
How can it matter
What date it is?
Or which minute we lost her?